Posted by: EndlessTrail | May 4, 2010

Long commute

Finally started a casual job today, after 35 days or so of freedom. The workplace is not really far away, only a mere 24km away, so says the GPS. However, the commute is mainly along main roads, not motorways, so there’s quite a lot of traffic for me to deal with. For the initial trip, what was supposed to be a 30 over minutes drive, but it turned out to be almost an hour.

As for the return journey, what was supposed to be 40 minutes turned out to be an hour and twenty minutes. Mighty long, but this is only the first day. I still have the next few days to try and fine-tune the route and see how it goes. I intend to leave early tomorrow, and see how it turns out.

Posted by: EndlessTrail | April 22, 2010

A hint, or partly based on my actions?

I’ve already missed two opportunities to purchase a motorcycle. In both cases, I’ve been a bit apprehensive in going forward with the purchase. Maybe it’s just me not being decisive at all, but then again, I’ve not found a job yet, and I just want to control my spending.

On the other hand, I really need my own transport here, so it’s more of a necessity.

Looking back, I’ve been quite hesitant. Either the price is a bit high, or I seem to be waiting for some unknown reason. There are a lot more options available for me in terms of cars compared to motorcycles. The prices can be pretty competitive too, which makes the decision making process all the more difficult. The imminent onset o winter in the weeks to come is not helping too. Yes I can put on more clothing, but that’s easier said than done.

Sigh … maybe I should just get the car? Or motorcycle? Or both? Argh …

Posted by: EndlessTrail | April 3, 2010

Oriental spring rolls

aka Popiah 😉

Posted by: EndlessTrail | March 31, 2010


The flight in was great; not the best, but better than what I have experienced before. Strangely, the in-flight entertainment system in use is the old version. Not the oldest, but still old enough to really look dated. Even some of the flights into Delhi are using the new entertainment system. Regardless, I managed to finish watching at least 2 movies, and probably three quarters of the third movie.

The food was good too. I requested for seafood meals, and apart from having a sense of importance when I was served first, it gave me time to eat slowly. I was dismayed a little at first upon hearing the weather forecast of being wet with showers. I was initially fearful that the temperature will be uncomfortably cold, with dampness making it worse. In the end, my fears were unfounded …

Until it was time for me to hit the sheets. Different environment, with the lack of familarity due to the close proximity to a major road made the first night a difficult one.

Still, it’s a change for the better!

Posted by: EndlessTrail | March 29, 2010


It’s so nice to be part of the statistics; unemployment statistics to be precise.

No work for me to do, and lots of time to either play games or meet up with friends. Unfortunately, I did not have much time for gaming. I only had time to do my last minute packing and to meet up with friends.

I’m a little shocked by the amount of baggage I’m trying to bring with me. At present count, it’s well over the proper weight limit of 20Kg, so much so that I’m fearful that they’ll try to charge me for the excess baggage. I’ve heard that it might not be the case, if I’m there early to check in my luggage. Let’s hope that it’ll be the case for me.

All my bags are packed, and I’m ready to go.

Time for the next big step. Maybe time for me to resurrect this blog of mine too! 😉

Posted by: EndlessTrail | March 16, 2010


I’ve not told people this. Just beginning of this year, I noticed a bird building a nest just above the front door. It looked very hardworking, flying too and fro, bringing little bits of twigs or leaves each time. That was almost 3 months ago. It’s nest was completed quite some time ago.

Then one fine day, I noticed something on the floor.

Apparently from the time the nest was completed until now, a little chick hatched. This little one was probably learning to fly, but somehow, failed. It failed to successfully fly, so it ended up on the floor. To think that if the nest had been built elsewhere, the outcome might have been totally different.

It’s really a cute bird. In the end, I lined a shallow plastic bowl with some paper, placed the bird inside it and put the bowl near to the nest. By then, it’s parents were already flying around, chirping but not going near me at all.

A few days later, the bird was nowhere to be found. Best guess is that it finally managed to learn how to fly. 😉

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Well, at least it’s settled.

Posted by: EndlessTrail | February 3, 2010


… will be known in 28 days. Unless it gets solved earlier.

Posted by: EndlessTrail | January 28, 2010


I feel rather depressed hearing about the heavy downpour and flooding in Cusco. Such acts of nature are never looked forward to, yet there’s not much we can do at the moment to prevent them from occuring. It comes at a bad time since the locals there are about to prepare for their harvest. That’s to say, not only have they lost potential earnings, they’ve lost a potential source of sustenance at a time where there’s devastation all around.

It affects me even more, since I’ve been there, and I have seen for myself the poverty that the locals go through. It’s not even covered in the news. i guess it’s been overshadowed by the utter devastation in Haiti?

Posted by: EndlessTrail | January 2, 2010

Twenty Ten

First blog post for the new year; I should try to make it as upbeat as possible. That’s probably as superstitious as I can get.

Time to leave the baggage and regrets of 2009 behind me, although I know one which I can’t leave behind, and one which is going to rear it’s ugly head at me. The only thing I can do now is to try and minimize and maybe control it. It’s gonna be tough, but I have to rise up to the challenge.

The rest of the year is going to be an interesting challenge too. Something which I am game for, and one which I need to face up to! One thing I have not really done, as usual, is to look at the year in review, learn from the mistakes and rise above them. Also missing is taking stock of the old resolutions, looking at the list and of course, making new resolutions. Ahh, that’s what the new year is all about, I suppose?

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